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Delightful Edibles/Eclectic Cuisine

The Bamboo Sticks Platter  consists of appetizer, one entree and a dessert from our menu selection. (An exotic platter savory for you and your company to share and indulge!)

Piquant Appetizers

*Teriyaki Chicken Kabob *Chipotle Meatballs *Filipino Spring Rolls *Fruit Kabob *Veggie Crudites with your choice of TBS compound butter-Orange Honey/Cinnamon Honey *Mini Caprese Bites *Fruit/Cheese Skewer * Bourbon Lil' Smokies *Fruit Tower * Mini Cheeseball Bites *Deviled Eggs (Traditional, Wasabi, Avocado) *The Bamboo Sticks' Appetizer Platter (Mini egg rolls, pretzels, fruit and veggie crudites)

Eclectic Ethnic Dishes

*Pancit (Filipino Noodles) *Pasta Marinara with Sausage and Peppers *The Bamboo Sticks Braised Chicken *Mac N Cheese *Braised Pork Belly *

Delectable Desserts

*TBS Mango Tapioca *SUMAN (Banana-wrapped sweet sticky rice) *TBS Purple Yam Cheesecake *TBS Sweet Potato Cheesecake *Strawberry Cheesecake *Asian Fruit Salad *Pina Colada Cupcakes *Banana Pudding *Strawberry-Pineapple Shortcake *Rice Pudding with Pineapple Compote *Peach Pudding  *Blueberry Parfait *Mango Float

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